Chapter 6. Developer Documentation: The Inner Workings

Table of Contents

6.1. The gPhoto2 software architecture
6.2. The libgphoto2 API
6.3. The camlib API
6.4. The libgphoto2_port API


How it works internally, how you can work on it and how you can use it in your own software.

The APIs defined here are described in more detail by the autogenerated documentation at FIXME. Eventually, they should be included here, but as they currently are in Docbook SGML and this was written in Docbook XML, this isn't trivial.

Anyway, we provide you with the architecture context here and will let you read up on the API details in the respective external documentation.

6.1. The gPhoto2 software architecture

Figure 6.1. The gPhoto2 system architecture

Diagram describing the gPhoto2 software architecture

Diagram describing how frontends, libgphoto2, camlibs, libgphoto2_port and your Operating System work together.